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The main feature of amorphous materials is the presence of excess vibrational modes at low energies, giving rise to the so called" boson peak" in neutron and optical spectroscopy. These same modes manifest themselves as two level systems (TLSs) causing noise and decoherence in qubits and other sensitive devices. Here we present an experiment that uses the spin relaxation of dangling bonds at the Si/(amorphous) SiO interface as a probe of TLSs. We introduce a model that is able to explain the observed non-exponential electron spin inversion recovery and provides a measure of the degree of spatial localization and concentration of the TLSs close to the interface, their maximum energy and its temperature dependence.
Publication date: 
3 Apr 2019

M Belli, M Fanciulli, R de Sousa

Biblio References: 
arXiv preprint arXiv:1904.01984