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(EN) The SOLSA project aims to construct an analytical expert system for on-line-on-mine-real-time mineralogical and geochemical analyses on sonic drilled cores. A profilometer is indispensable to obtain reliable and quantitative data from RGB and hyperspectral cameras, and to get 3D definition of close-to-surface objects such as rheology (grain shape, grain size, fractures and vein systems), material hardness and porosities. Optical properties of minerals can be analyzed by focusing on the reflectance. Preliminary analyses were performed with the commercial scan control profilometer MI-CRO-EPSILON equipped with a blue 405 nm laser on a conveyor belt (depth resolution: 10 μm; surface resolution: 30x30 μm2 (maximum resolution; 1m drill core/4 min). Drill core parts and rocks with 4 different surface roughness states:(1) sonic drilled,(2) diamond saw-cut, polished at (3) 6 mm and (4) 0.25 μm were …
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Publication date: 
1 Jan 2017

H. Pillière, T Lefèvre, D. Harang, B Orberger, T. Bui, C. Duée, N Maubec, X. Bourrat, Y. El Mendili, D. Chateigner, S Gascoin, M. Le Guen, A. Salaün, Celine Rodriguez, M. Le Guen, A. Kumar, N. Daldosso, M. Zanatta, A. Speghini, A. Sanson, L. Lutterotti, E. Borovin, M. Bortolotti, M. Secchi, M. Montagna, S Gražulis, F. Trotet, M. Kadar, K. Devaux

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Issue: ISBN: 978-3-938390-41-2 Pages: 44-45
Real Time Mining Conference