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The MORE, or "Advanced Metal-Oxide heterostructures for nanoscale RERAM" project focuses on the synthesis and characterization of resistive switching properties of thin film- and nanowire- heterostructures, as building blocks for future nanodevices. In particular, Metal-transition metal Oxides- Metal (MOM) thin film and nanowire heterostructures are exploited as memory elements for ultra-scaled Resistive switching Random Access non-volatile Memories (ReRAMs).

In the MORE project both thin film and nanowire heterostructures will be synthesised exploiting the peculiarities of atomic layer deposition and electrochemical methods. Material selection and optimization will be accomplished through advanced structural/chemical investigations as well as investigation of the electrical properties down to the nanoscale. For this purpose, techniques with high-spatial resolution based on scanning probe microscopy will be set up to address the local electrical properties in thin films and to measure single nanowires.

1D heterostructures and their arrays will be synthesized by electrochemical deposition using membranes of nanoporous anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) as template. Through the optimization of AAO membrane morphology/structure and deposition techniques, the scaling of MOM nanowires heterostructures will be pursued down to 20 nm or less.

The project will take advantage from the complementary expertise of two Italian research groups. The MDM Laboratory, IMM-CNR will contribute with competence in advanced materials and concepts for future nanoelectronic (memory) devices, and their structural/chemical/electrical characterization focused on scanning probe microscopy. The Politecnico of Milano (Chemistry, Materials, and Chemical Engineering Department, Laboratory of Surface Engineering and Nanostructures) has a strong background in metallic/oxide nanowires synthesis into AAO templates by electrochemical methods.


Relevant publications as outcome of the project:

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S. Brivio, D. Perego, G. Tallarida, M. Bestetti, S. Franz and S. Spiga, “Bipolar resistive switching of Au/NiOx/Ni/Au heterostructure nanowires”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 103, 153506 (2013)

D. Perego, S. Franz, M. Bestetti, L. Cattaneo, S. Brivio, G. Tallarida, and S. Spiga, “Engineered fabrication of ordered arrays of Au–NiO–Au nanowires”, Nanotechnology  24, 045302 (2013)


2010-04-01 to 2013-01-31