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MemoCiS  - COST Action IC1401 : “Memristors-Devices, Models, Circuits, Systems and Applications” (10/12/2014-9/12/2018).

COST IC1401 (MemoCIS) is the Action on "Memristors - Devices, Models, Circuits, Systems and Applications". The main objective of the Action is to form a European-wide scientific and technology knowledge platform, in order to instigate interdisciplinary interaction for the development of innovative memristor technology and methods, which are required for future self-learning hardware systems.

The activities of this Action are organized in four Working Groups (WG). Three WGs promote reasearch specifically dealing with the creation of a knowledge platform on which future systems can be built upon, whilst a fourth will have a more applied system approach. Each workgroup will prepare an overview of their subject area to be presented to other workgroups. This measure is designed to enhance cross-fertilization of ideas between the areas and will assist in achieving one of the fundamental objectives of this Action, which is to bring together researchers from different fields with common problems. The four Working Groups are: • WG 1: Memristor Device Technology. • WG 2: Memristor Theory, Modelling and Simulation • WG 3: Memristor-based Circuits • WG 4: Memristor-based Systems

Relevant Publcations:

  1. Dalibor Biolek, Sandro Carrara, Elisabetta Chicca, Fernando Corinto, Julius Georgiou, Bernabé Linares-Barranco, Themis Prodromakis, Sabina Spiga, Ronald Tetzlaff, “EU COST Action IC1401–Pushing the Frontiers of Memristive Devices to Systems”, proceedings of the Melecon 2016 Conference,April 18 - 20, 2016, Limassol, Cyprus (2016);
  2. E. Covi, R. George, J. Frascaroli, S. Brivio, C. Mayr, H. Mostafa, G. Indiveri and S. Spiga, "Spike-driven threshold-based learning with memristive synapses and neuromorphic silicon neurons", Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics Vol. 51 Page 344003 (2018)

Contact Person: Sabina Spiga

2014-12-10 to 2018-12-09