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Neuroendoscopy is presently a routine procedure in most neurosurgical services. It was originally developed to deal with obstructive hydrocephalus, but modern technical advancements have made possible to face also other neurological diseases including brain tumors. Presently, small endoscopes with exquisite detail visualization, high resolution screens, 3D cameras, dedicated ultrasonic aspirators and laser beams offer therapeutic options which could be just dreamed a few years ago. The friendly interface with image-guided systems further improves the technique. Nowadays, the golden standard treatment of ventricular tumors includes biopsy under endoscopic control and (if necessary) treatment of the associated hydrocephalus during the same procedure. Endoscopic biopsy may be followed (if indicated) by traditional microsurgery, but it may also remain the only surgical procedure needed since …
Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 
22 Aug 2013

Giuseppe Talamonti, Giuseppe D’Aliberti, Alberto Debernardi

Biblio References: 
Pages: 213-225
Tumors of the Central Nervous System, Volume 12: Molecular Mechanisms, Children's Cancer, Treatments, and Radiosurgery