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We report on a theoretical study of the electronic, optical, and magneto-optical properties of digital ferromagnetic heterostructures based on Mn δ-doped GaAs. We consider different structures corresponding to Mn contents within the range 12%–50% and we study how the system changes as a function of the doping concentration. Our first-principles approach includes the spin-orbit interaction in a fully relativistic pseudopotential scheme and the local-field effect in the description of the optical absorption. We show that Mn δ-doped GaAs shares many properties with the uniformly doped Ga 1− x Mn x As system, ie, half-metallicity, similar absorption spectra, and moderate Kerr rotation angles in the visible spectral region.
American Physical Society
Publication date: 
24 Feb 2015

Patrizia Rosa, Davide Sangalli, Giovanni Onida, Alberto Debernardi

Biblio References: 
Volume: 91 Issue: 7 Pages: 075207
Physical Review B