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This work reports experimental findings about the evolution of lateral ordering of lamellar microdomains in symmetric PS-b-PMMA thin films on featureless substrates. Phase separation and microdomain evolution are explored in a rather wide range of temperatures (190–340 C) using a rapid thermal processing (RTP) system. The maximum processing temperature that enables the ordering of block copolymers without introducing any significant degradation of macromolecules is identified. The reported results clearly indicate that the range of accessible temperatures in the processing of these self-assembling materials is mainly limited by the thermal instability of the grafted random copolymer layer, which starts to degrade at T> 300 C, inducing detachment of the block copolymer thin film. For T≤ 290 C, clear dependence of correlation length (ξ) values on temperature is observed. The highest level of lateral order …
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
24 Jun 2014

Monica Ceresoli, Federico Ferrarese Lupi, Gabriele Seguini, Katia Sparnacci, Valentina Gianotti, Diego Antonioli, Michele Laus, Luca Boarino, Michele Perego

Biblio References: 
Volume: 25 Issue: 27 Pages: 275601