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Silicon Doping by Polymer Grafting: Size Distribution Matters

Here is  a new paper that has been just published on

Insights into spin-charge conversion phenomena in Sb2Te3 topological insulator

Large-area chemically grown Sb2Te3 topological ins

Large Spin-to-Charge Conversion at room temperature in the Sb2Te3 Topological Insulator

By conducting room temperature spin pumping ferromagnetic resonance, we

Toward Deterministic Doping of Silicon via Dopant Containing Homopolymer

Have a look to the new manuscript we have just publis


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Open Call for Special Issue - Nanomaterials
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Sequential Infiltration Synthesis Workshop 2020
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MRS 2020 Spring Meeting Symposium NM06
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Workshop on Sequential Infiltration Synthesis (SIS)
We are pleased to propose the 1 st Workshop on Sequential Infiltration...
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